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Throwing A Party with Sponsors – Inside Scoop 1

Monday, September 7th, 2009

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Blog Summary:

I mentioned before in my previous blog that I accepted a job from a liquor company that I’ve worked with in the past to help them put together events for their brand.
I said that I’d be giving you guys updates on how things work from the inside…so here it is!!:
So far we’re only working out deals with nightclubs, bars, and restaurants directly…and not seeking promoters to help set up events. The company I’m with is seeking to move product so they want clubs to buy cases in exchange for us to come in and sponsor an event to help move the product for the venue.
As a promoter, you should try to approach club bar managers and/or general managers and see if they have any relationships with liquor reps like myself. Ask them if it’s possible for you to promote and market that brand on your marketing materials when you promote your night at that venue. The club can then route any sponsorship dollars from the liquor company straight to you for your promotion. This would be win-win for everyone because the liquor company has sold some cases, the club has you setting up a party to help move the cases, and you get assistance with the marketing and advertising cost.

Check the video out here: