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Promoting your party with Emails vs. Text Messages

Friday, June 17th, 2011 – Learn how to be a successful Club Promoter!

Blog Summary:
Here I go over a few pros and cons of promoting your party with Emails versus using Text Messages. Both are great to use to advertise your party with, but if you have to choose, I give you a few things to think about and plus my personal opinion on which I think is most effective.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I discuss in the video blog…
Text Message Pros:
-Instant Delivery
-Keyword Opt-in
-Easy for people to forward

Text Message Cons:
-People’s numbers change often
-Text hosting is expensive (.02-.05 cents per text)
-Can’t convey much info

Email Pros:
-Can include images, links, and more general info
-Cost effective
-You can send more blasts without recipients feeling bothered

Email Cons:
-Some people don’t check email everyday
-Spam filters may block your email

My personal opinion is that Email marketing is best due to it being more cost effective and can convey more information.

Check out the video here:

Keeping the Upper Hand as a Weekly Club Promoter

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Party Promoting 3.0 learning course available here after signing up!:

I decided to record a new video blog that touches on an experience I had
doing a weekly promotion at this one particular club.
The club owner got a little greedy and decided to end the promotion
once he saw it was going well. The reason for this was to keep all
the money to himself!!
But it’s cool…due to the fact that the promotion was properly branded
and I had email contacts for my customers that I’ve developed a
relationship with.
Party People will follow you and your promotion…not the club.
This is why branding is so important along with you giving your customers
a unique party experience that they can only get from coming to
your parties!

Check out the video blog here:

Til next time…party on!!