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When it comes to being a successful event promoter you need to learn how to look at things strategically. You need to break things down in small goals so that you can reach them in a timely manner for an overall success. You will find that the success of your event will depend on many variables and factors. The most important thing that you need to learn is that some things don’t go exactly according to plan. This is why you should always make backup plans and allow room for mistakes and error.

When setting up your event venue, prior to signing your contract, you should think about a backup venue just in case things don’t work out. Sometimes the specific venue you want might be a factor that makes your event what it is, but if there is another good plan B, you should consider speaking to that other venue to assure that they have an open date on their calendar as well.

Staff members are also something to account for when thinking about backups. Key staff members cancelling on you or pulling a no-show can be detrimental to your promotion. If your cashier or a DJ doesn’t show, you’re going to have a major problem. So, always have people in place that can fill in or change their initial roll at your event. For example, if you have an opening DJ that warms the crowd up before your headliner DJ, you may want to tell your opener that he’ll be headlining if the other DJ doesn’t show. For your cashier not showing, you can notify your email collection person that they’ll be acting as cashier if need be. At times, you’ll even personally need to step in to fill an important roll if it comes down to it. Just make sure everyone is prepared to do what’s necessary to get through the night.

Another line item that might not work out exactly to plan is the design and production of your marketing materials. You may run into snags dealing with designers, printers, radio production engineers, etc, when you’re working with deadlines that must be met. If for some reason they cannot get you want you need in a timely manner, you must have another plan to start your promotional campaign on schedule or you’ll risk losing more with a half cocked promotion. Locate a printer that can get you same day turnarounds and other companies that can get you want you need, even if it cost a little more to have it expedited.

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