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New Club Promoter Learning Program

Why not Make Money while partying and having a Good Time!!??!!

  • Learn how you can throw hot parties with
    little to

  • Learn how you can obtain sponsors that
    to throw crazy parties!

  • Learn how you can get nightclub owners to offer you
    INSANE DEALS to throw parties at their venues!

  • Learn how you can MAKE MONEY from the
    door charge and from the bar’s liquor sales!

  • Learn the right way to throw CELEBRITY PARTIES!

  • Learn the BEST PROMOTIONAL TECHNIQUES in the game!

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No Obligation sample of the hottest Promoter Tips & Tricks that have been proven to make money! Plus, I'll email you my FREE reports with great information that will help you along the way.

This is NOT just some run of the mill e-book that has information that you could’ve found searching on the web. This is a unique program that I designed to take you from the ground floor to the top, covering all the topics that will make you a successful club promoter. 

Here’s just some of the things you’ll get in the Party Promoting 3.0 program:

  • The Party Promoting 3.0 E-book – This book is the BLUEPRINT!  It's the nuts and bolts of how everything works in this business.  If you're just starting out or trying to get more leverage and better yourself as a promoter, this is a MUST READ!
  • The ALL NEW Nightlife Psych 101 E-book – Learn how to MAKE MORE MONEY and provide a better customer experience! This book helps you better understand your customers and teaches you how to think in order to create customer interest, maximize their spending, and getting repeat customers! It also cover the keys to creating a Viral Promotional Campaign!
  • The Audio Book – Just in case you don't feel like reading the Party Promoting 3.0 E-book, this will be great for you!  Over 1hr of rich, first-rate content narrated by yours truly! 
  • Forms and Contracts Packet – All the documents and templates you’ll ever need to do business the right way. This packet includes my popular & proven Sponsorship Proposal Template!
  • Party Themes Packet – Over 100 party themes and ideas that you can use or that will help get your own creative juices flowing. (Who has time to think! I already did that for you!)
  • Tips & Tricks of the Trade Packet – A full report of awesome, never before revealed tips and tricks of the trade that will put more money into your pockets! (Get my full report of promoter tips and tricks that nobody would dream of telling you…until I came along!)
  • Video Courses & Tutorials – Multiple video courses on various important topics that will supplement a lot of the content discussed in the audio book.  (I’ll literally walk you through the in-depth topics)
  • Audio Interviews - Exclusive audio interviews with a top promoter, club owner, nationally acclaimed DJ, and a liquor rep sponsor that pays for club promoter’s parties!  They’re giving away the confidential insider info that you won’t hear anywhere else. (You’re getting Golden information directly from the horse’s mouth…priceless.)

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-Trent Dunn
Creator of the Party Promoting Series


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