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An Easy Step-By-Step Program Designed For Beginners and Seasoned Club Promoters To Make More Money!
Plus I’m Revealing All The Nightclub and Party Promoter Secrets
You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

Trust me…
I understand how you feel. 
Let me tell you about myself.

I know you’re probably asking yourself…
Well, what if I don’t have the money to get started?
Where would I even begin?
And, why should I listen to YOU?

Here’s an introduction of myself that I put together just for you. 
In my attempt to speak clearly for my international visitors, I sound a little corny, so excuse me for that! LOL ;)  But what I have to say is still somewhat inspiring!

Click play to take a listen!

-Trent Dunn
Creator of the Party Promoting series

I’m going to let you in on a secret…
Did you know that on average, event and party promoters
are making more net profit than actual nightclub owners!?!

How, you ask?  Well, for starters, promoters don’t have to deal with all the overhead expenses of operating a nightclub.  Secondly, as a promoter you don’t have all the liability and issues that can arise being the owner of an actual venue.  Thirdly, you have the freedom as a promoter to take your party where ever you like.  A nightclub is immobile and once it’s not the “flavor of the month” anymore, customers move on to the next hot nightclub to party….which is exactly where you’ll be as a promoter!


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How is this any different from the other party promoting “how-to” books and stuff I’ve seen for sale on the internet?
There are quite a few things that make the Party Promoting 3.0 program different.  First of all, this is NOT some cheap e-book that tells you stuff that you could’ve found searching on Google.  Secondly, this program contains step-by-step, usable, in-depth content on how to be not only a knowledgeable promoter, but a successful one. Thirdly, I am personally pushing for you to be a success by offer you FREE one-on-one consulting for the first 30 days of you purchasing the program. Plus you get access to other free community features like my blog and newsletters with hot industry leader interviews, tips, updates, and more!

Can anyone do this? Or do I need some kind of formal education?
I don’t care if you’re a man or woman, young or older, you can do this…and with no formal education.  The program is designed to work for anyone from all walks of life, in any part of the world where people like to party!

Do I need a lot of money to start?
No, not at all.  Plus in this program I discuss multiple techniques that you can use to throw parties without investing any money at all!  

Is this something I can feasibly do to supplement my income if I have a day job?
Absolutely!  All you need is a little free time on the side to do some planning and preparation.  You have the freedom to plan weekly parties, monthly parties, or just special events…It’s all up to you.   Best of all, I take all the real grunt work out of the equation by laying everything out for you!

Can I do this if I’m a college student?
This is great for college students!  Who likes partying more than people in college!?!  Being in college gives you instant clientele amongst the student body and this program will teach you how to have them eating out of the palm of your hand! 

How soon can I throw my first party after completing the program?
As soon as you complete all the material in the Party Promoting 3.0 program you can immediately start planning your first event. 

Is there a money back guarantee if I don’t like the program?
Of course!  If you purchase this program, go through the material and see that you don’t find it helpful or useful to you in your promotional endeavors, I will give you a 100% refund on your purchase, no questions asked…and you get to Keep The Material! Wow…you can’t beat that!


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Here’s what you can expect to find in this program:

  • How to properly research and plan your party the right way, the first time.
  • How to accurately budget your expenses and expected income.
  • How to approach and negotiate with nightclubs and party venues.
  • How to write thorough contracts for nightclubs, DJs, artist/celebrities,
    co-promoters, and more!
  • The BEST promoting techniques and how to implement them.
  • How to effectively brand yourself and your promotion.
  • How to staff and develop a winning team.
  • How to obtain sponsorships.
  • How to throw parties with NO MONEY DOWN.
  • Plus too much more for me to mention!

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and here’s what you’ll get:

The Complete Party Promoter Learning Program


The Party Promoting 3.0 E-book
(updated with new 2015 revisions)

This book is the BLUEPRINT!  It's the nuts and bolts of how everything works in this business.  If you're just starting out or trying to get more leverage and better yourself as a promoter, this is a MUST READ!

Nightlife Psych 101 E-book
Learn how to MAKE MORE MONEY and provide a better customer experience! This book helps you better understand your customers and teaches you how to think in order to create customer interest, maximize their spending, and getting repeat customers! It also cover the keys to creating a Viral Promotional Campaign!

The Audio Book
Just in case you don't feel like reading the Party Promoting 3.0 E-book, this will be great for you!  Over 1hr of rich, first-rate content narrated by yours truly! 

Forms and Contracts Packet
All the documents and templates you’ll ever need to do business the right way.
This packet includes my popular & proven Sponsorship Proposal Template!

Party Themes Packet
Over 100 party themes and ideas that you can use or that will help get your own creative juices flowing.

Tips & Tricks Packet
A full report of awesome, never before revealed tips and tricks of the trade that will put more money into your pockets!  This section includes the NO MONEY DOWN methods of promoting parties.

Audio Version of Tips & Tricks
No time to read? Well now you can just listen while you're in the car or on the go!

Video Courses & Tutorials
Multiple video courses on various important topics that will supplement a lot of the content discussed in the book.

Audio Interviews
Exclusive audio interviews with a top promoter, club owner, nationally acclaimed DJ, and a liquor rep sponsor that pays for promoter’s parties!  They’re giving away the confidential insider info that you won’t hear anywhere else.

FREE One-On-One Online Consulting for 30 Days!
Need I say more?  I’m not going to allow you to buy this program and get left standing out alone in the cold.  I’m going to hold your hand and help you with anything you have problems with when you’re planning your parties.  Awww...Ain’t I the best?!!? :-)   Plus you’ll be able to network and trade tips, contacts, and connections with other promoters just like you in our private party promoter forum!

Free One-On-One Consulting for 30 Days!

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